Let your plastics enjoy sunshine.


Today's automotive industry is rapidly transitioning to NEVs (New Energy Vehicles), with low emissions and light weight as key success factors. CO2 emissions are strongly reduced with the increasing replacement of metals by plastics while maintaining safety and durability. In interior automotive applications, low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) materials certified by international standards are combined with long-lasting performance. Plastics are also expanding their penetrations in under-the-hood applications where high temperature resistance is required in combination with demanding mechanical properties. Durability and paintability of exterior automotive plastic parts are ensured by optimized formulations provided by UniteChem technology. UniteChem stabilizers guarantee the most appropriate materials performance to meet more stringent standards set by automotive OEMs.

Appliance applications also demand high-performance materials with light weight, high stiffness, recyclability and optimum aesthetic properties retaining appealing colors for many years. Appliance applications demand the durability of engineering polymers combined with sustainable materials that allow the possibility to recycle the parts in compliance with a circular economy approach.


UniteChem UV 770 is the most used light stabilizer worldwide for interior and exterior automotive applications, presenting an optimum balance between cost and performance. Special state-of-the-art UniteChem blend solutions for low VOC interior materials with high durability performance are also recommended. Where heat resistance in combination with light stability is requested in PP, ABS, and PA interior applications, UniteChem LS 119 or LS 791 are the right choices. In ABS, SAN, and PA engineering polymers for appliances or automotive applications, a combination of UV absorbers and HALS provide strong synergistic performance. UniteChem recommends UniteChem UV P in blends with LS 770 or LS 119. UniteChem AO 1010 is recommended for improving heat resistance in polypropylene compounds for under-the-hood applications, usually in synergistic combination with AO DSTDP. The blend UniteChem AO B225 helps the processing of mineral filled materials and engineering polymers to minimize degradation and improve MFR retention.