Let your plastics enjoy sunshine.


Synthetic turf applications, substituting natural grass in sports fields are expanding significantly worldwide. Technical solutions are optimized for specific sports surfaces, with MDPE, PP and PA typically used as the polymer base. Artificial grass structures are complex and typically constitute external plastic tapes to simulate grass, infill pellet materials to reproduce the ground and a synthetic base that anchors the threads and contains the granules to enable shock absorption. Abrasion endurance, resilience, UV durability, acid rain and resistance to pollutants are key technical factors that improve and differentiate the quality of the artificial grass. Furthermore, low VOCs and toxicity are key parameters for infill granules.


UniteChem LS 119 is the best solution available on the market to assure light durability and resistance to pollutants and acid rain in plastics used in artificial grass applications. It is usually combined with a UV absorbers such as UniteChem UV 234 or a benzoate to enhance the performance. LS 119 is also an optimum choice for a low-VOC stabilization of infill pellets. UniteChem’s unique LS 610 solution provides the best cost/performance in combination with UV 234 or a benzoate. UniteChem AO blends of AO 1010 and AO 168 such as B215 enhance the processing stability of tapes, maintaining the viscosity and physical/mechanical properties, while also providing the necessary heat resistance in high-temperature climates.